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came home. =)

On Wednesday, December 14, 2005, Pooh and friends said:


indeed. Amigos para siempre!

the trip to china have indeed impacted my life in numerous ways.
and brought many lives together :)
through this trip, ive came to know many beautiful people.
like my xiaoyuan dear! and the one with the mega-watt smile-ying ying dear!
of course many other people who added the vibrance to the whole trip.
the linguistically inclined bryan (aka ma-mi-o-wai,fluffy fluffy,bong bong. well, tian n cheryl'll noe wad im tokin abt. =p). who never fails to impress AND amaze me with all that different languages he utters, not to mention the numerous laughs we'd.

as time passes, the memories stayed on. really enjoyed myself.

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