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came home. =)

On Monday, December 26, 2005, Pooh and friends said:


read jocelin's post on love and like.

indeed many people have different interpretations for love.

and so do i.

to me, love is a decision. and because of my faith, one illustration will be the fact that God died for us because He loves us...He chose to love us and thus He died, not because it felt good.

for me i think it really takes alot to truly love someone. it's definitely more than mere emotions and feelings. it takes patience, compromise, trust and SOoo much more.
so much that i dare not venture into it. really am not ready for all it encompasses.

yes, i know it feels great to be loved. but the price to pay is way too dear. sometimes at e high price of all the heartaches we suffered when we give to all the wrong people.
and judging at all the things that are happening.

indeed... we have underestimated what it really means to love.

for NOW.. im happy enough to have the love of God and the love of friends around me. =)

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