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came home. =)

On Wednesday, December 14, 2005, Pooh and friends said:

welcome home. =)

5 most impt things that you should do after stumbling onto this site.

1. Very first thing that you should do: Get a blogger account.
You should have received an email askin you to join this blog. u need a blogger account to sign in and blog. =)

2. Go to the gallery and upload the veri veri ncie photos that you have taken and share with the masses... =)

3. after you have uploaded ur veri veri nice pictures you can explore the site and sign the guestboook!!

4. and blog your first entry. and you can tag too. =)

5. got any probs can email me or sms me. =) if got any page cannot load or this blog makes ur com hang or crash also can tell me. i SHALL fix it. lol.

ya and enjoy! =)

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